Representations of algorithms provide
temporary order in chaotic streams of data.
Patterns emerge, build on each other,
inside each other, from each other.
Any form of order branches, shifts,
provides structure, for a brief moment;
while the implicit lifecycle of a system
leads to its inevitable decay and
the end of structure and order.

Burke's symbol-using animal,
an architect of binary building blocks,
elements, forms and organization;
pondering about the stability of your program,
fighting for magnetic space amongst
an acre of bits and bytes.

At the end, it is temporary,
insignificant, yet vital,
for spinning hard drives and worlds
alike; ethereal, digital entropy.

At the end, the beauty of a program
resides not in its limited lifetime
nor in its virtual eternality.
It lies in the struggle for elegance,
simplicity in the face of
analogous, annihilating noise.